What’s your golf strategy?


I started to play golf some years back. One day I got a question from a friend of mine: “What’s you golf strategy?” I must admit I didn’t really understand what he meant. I mean – how hard can it be? You’re supposed to get ball in the cup right? I don’t know if you play or have played golf but if you have you know that each hole has a par which is the number of times you can hit the ball and get 2 points if you have zero in handicap. When you start you have a high handicap so you get extra hits. My friends point was that if I aimed to be on green on par and then did a 2 put I would always get points. Thing was that I didn’t do 2 puts. I did 3 and 4 puts…

One day when I was about to put I realised that I didn’t visualise the ball actually going in the cup but rather coming close… And obviously I wasn’t hitting my 2 puts and therefore I didn’t get the points I needed either. So I started changing my way of thinking and visualising the ball actually going in instead of coming close. The result? I got more points.

Here’s todays task for you:

  1. What do you aim to accomplish when you head in to a sales meeting? Do you visualise to get close or do you see yourself closing a new deal? Think about it for a moment. Then before your next sales meeting: Decide what you want out of the time you’re investing in that meeting.

It’s striking how the rules of attraction works. If you think something the possibility for it to actually happen goes up. I’m sure you’ve done lots of meetings without setting a clear goal. For me this has meant that today I expect to sell something in every meeting. If I do? Nope. But I know that I’m selling way more thinking this way than if I didn’t. It’s all about putting your heart in to it.


Author: Daniel Bergqvist

Dad of three, husband, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, marketeer and more. Love life with family, friends and work. A heart for change and sales.