Take a seat – on the other side


Have you thought about the fact that how you sit during a sales meeting can actually affect the outcome? The most common position is that we will end up on the opposite side of a table with the customer on the other side. That’s not necessarily the best way. It can create an ocean of distance between you and the customer.

If you instead take the chance when you get it to sit next to the customer on the same side of the table as he or she you’ll most likely notice something different. At first you’ll probably feel uncomfortable because you’re not used to it. But think about the signal it sends to the customer. That you’re not on the opposite side. You’re on the same side. On the customers side. And whatever you propose is of course to help the customer with whatever he or she needs help with. How could it be anything different? You’re on the same side! Right?

Here’s todays task for you:

  1. The next time you head in to a meeting think about where you sit and that signal it sends. Take the chance to try to sit on the same side of the table as the customer.

This might challenge the ordinary. It might be uncomfortable and maybe a bit scare. But if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll only get the same result as you always have. So if want to improve you need to step out. Out of your comfort zone. Out in the unknown. That’s where development happen. So I challenge you to take a seat – on the other side.


Author: Daniel Bergqvist

Dad of three, husband, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, marketeer and more. Love life with family, friends and work. A heart for change and sales.