100 days sales – #blogg100

This is the first out of a total of 100 blog posts about sales. During the coming days you’ll find posts with ideas and tips, reflections and so on. My aim is to give you something everyday to think about that relates to sales. I don’t claim to have everything right, I just claim my right to be generous with my thoughts and experiences.

1/100 days sales - #blogg100

There are a lot of emotions that gets stirred when sales is on the agenda. I’ve met so many people saying: “I’m a marketeer but sales is definitely not my thing”. Why is that? I think it has to do somewhat with prejudice. It’s all those pictures that comes up in our heads of sales people we’ve met and don’t want to be like. But for me, that has very little to do with sales. Hopefully after #blogg100 is over I’ve gotten a chance to prove that to you – if you just hang in there.

Here’s todays task for you:

  1. So you obviously know what sales isn’t. Try to reflect on what sales really is instead. So often we tell others what we don’t want instead of the opposite. Put down your reflections in your notebook and in 100 days go back and read it again. You might be surprised.

First step is to think positively about sales. At first you might find it hard but it’s all about what you get yourself used to. If your first thought about sales is a negative one – you have to start where your heart is.

//Daniel Bergqvist

PS. Please feel free to comment my posts and/or ask questions. I just might happen to address just the question you’re thinking about during my 100 days. And again – these are my views, opinions, reflections and take aways.


Author: Daniel Bergqvist

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