The alternative closure

If you have too many options it’s usually harder to make a decision. Therefore it’s not always a good thing to have too many options. So if you want to sell you have much to gain from narrowing down the number of options the customer has to choose from. One way doing just this is to use the alternative closure. It aims to get the customer to choose between just two things.

Another good thing that can come out of using this method can also be that you might be able to position two options with different price. This might, if presented in the right way, result in the customer going with more expensive alternative. It might sound something like this:

“So would you like to go with this or this?”
“We have the standard and the premium model, which one would you prefer?”
“Would you like the blue or the red?”

See how it goes?

Here’s todays task for you:

  1. Think about how you can use this in your next sales meeting. What are two possible options you could present? Can you position two options with different price as well?

Sometimes less really is more. In this example you see how this works. By narrowing down the number of options as described above you might be able to increase your sales. There is always a way – you just have to put your heart to it. 😉


Author: Daniel Bergqvist

Dad of three, husband, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, marketeer and more. Love life with family, friends and work. A heart for change and sales.