2 – the leading question

Leading questions is in one meaning a type of closed question but has its still defined as a separate question type. What defines a leading question is that, first, it’s a presumption in either direction, and that it should be possible to put a “right” in the end. A closed question can for example as follows:

“I understand that you think it is important that the products are of a high quality, right?”

The whole point of using this sort of question is that you want to affect the customer in one way or the other. It’s all a very natural stopover as you are heading down the road to close a sale.

Here’s todays task for you:

  1. How do you use this type of question? Do you, at all? Try to think through how you use this type of question as a natural part in your sales talk.

By using the right type of question at the right time in your sales talk you can accomplish great things. Try it and you’ll see for yourself. 😉


Author: Daniel Bergqvist

Dad of three, husband, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, marketeer and more. Love life with family, friends and work. A heart for change and sales.