1 – the open question

The first question in the sales meeting and the hierarchy among questions to use is the open question. So what defines an open question? An open question is one that you can’t answer with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Here’s an example:

– How can I help you?
– What is your biggest challenge?
– Why do think this happened?

If you always start your questions with the word ‘How’, ‘What’ or ‘Why’ it’ll be an open question by default. There are some more words you can use but I always find it easiest to remember three things so lets start there.

Here’s todays task for you:

  1. Create three open questions that you can use in your next sales meeting.

If used in the right way by asking open questions in the sales meeting you will get a lot of information about the customer and his or hers situation.


Author: Daniel Bergqvist

Dad of three, husband, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, marketeer and more. Love life with family, friends and work. A heart for change and sales.